Broan BQ Central Vacuum System

Ventilation 101 with Damon Bennett
April 30, 2017

Broan BQ Central Vacuum System


When I am sitting with clients planning their renovation, I listen to their expectations of what they want their new space to look like.  You have to lay out the project from start to finish. It is not like television where renos seem to get done in 60 minutes or less.  Things can get messy very quickly once the job starts.  One of my favourite terms is ‘reno dust’ and clients have to be prepared for life in a construction zone. 

If they have a central vacuum system, I will inspect it and check out the capacity to see if their existing system can handle the new square footage.  If they don’t have one at all, I always recommend that they install one and the only system I recommend is the Broan BQ Central Vacuum System.  I am confident in the quality and the power .  It takes  the dust immediately  out of the house and into the canister in the garage.  The air quality in the home benefits because  this system has a new sealed HEPA filtration system.  There are two levels of filtration that will remove up to 99 percent of particles.  Hard to find that level of filtration in a stand-up vacuum. 

The Pure Power Series units with their multi-direction vacuum connections allow for easy installation.  The garage is the perfect place for the canister and I never worry about not having enough space to install it.  They are extremely efficient and can be mounted away from the busy areas  in the garage.  

One of the best points for me is the Ultra Silent™ technology. It makes the systems among the quietest in the industry. No muffler; the rigid structure and anti-vibration mounts limit that vibration noise.  You can vacuum and it doesn’t sound like a freight train running through your home. There are bag and bagless options   The 6 gallon pail has ergonomic handles so emptying it is fast and painless. The permanent filter is self cleaning too, so zero maintenance.  

There are great accessories; an extendable handle for the hard to reach areas, power heads for carpets, brushes for stairs and yes, even an entire car package.  You can mount that system right in the garage beside the canister and be able to vacuum your vehicle without having to lug any heavy equipment outside.  This system is a win/win.  I try to leave my job sites clean but once I go, I know the homeowner has the right central vac to take care of the remaining reno dust.

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